In order to participate in the LPZ measurement coordinators undertake the following steps with their institution:

  • Determine which departments will take part in the measurement.
  • Assemble a team of expert nursing staff/caregivers. Each team member will carry out the measurements for one or more departments together with a nursing staff member/caregiver from the relevant department. Team size thus depends on the number of departments registered.
  • Draw up an institutional time schedule for the national measurement.
  • Draw up a timetable for the team of nursing staff/caregivers so that every department knows when the measurements will be carried out.
  • Provide training for the team of nursing staff/caregivers that will actually be carrying out the measurements.
  • Collect all the completed questionnaires from each department and ensure they are completed fully and correctly.
  • Ensure that the data are entered correctly online within six weeks of the measurement.
During the instruction meetings arranged by the LPZ project group the coordinator, together with coordinators from other participating institutions, will receive oral training from the research group.

The measurement will be carried out in a single day at intramural institutions. It is not logistically possible, however, for home care organisations to complete the measurements in a single day; thus they will carry out measurements over a four-day period, starting on the same day as the intramural institutions. The number of clients registered during this four-day period will be determined by the LPZ project group on the basis of the average number of patients receiving care from the participating teams.

The coordinator will ensure that the data is entered online upon completion of the measurement. On the secure part of the website the results of the institutions and the national results can be seen on the dashboard.

The data entry program

Questionnaires can be entered directly online or, if the institution uses written questionnaires, after completion of the measurement.

If written questionnaires are used the coordinator ensures that these are processed, after completion of the measurements, through the data entry program on the LPZ website. This program is structured in the same way as the written questionnaires. Once the data have been entered in this program the coordinator can download the results. The LPZ will then process these to create a national report, which can be downloaded by the institutions from the LPZ website.


Correspondence with the coordinator will take place mainly by email. It is therefore important that the coordinator has a personal email address. Any changes to email addresses should be reported to .

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