Frequently Asked Questions

Change in address data

Send an email to with your old and new mail address. Always mention your institution’s name and ID number.

Your ID-code cannot be changed.
If you want to change your password, go to the LPZ website and click on My LPZ in the top right corner and on the link Forgot your password or set new password. By filling in your user-ID and your mail address you can set a new password.

Send an email to with your colleague’s name as well as e-mail address. Always mention your institution’s name and ID number.

Send an e-mail to and mention the name of your institution and the name of the (new) location. Inform us about the type of institution/location and the data of the person who will be the ID-responsible. Within a few working days, you will receive an ID-code for the new location.

The measurement

If you log on to the LPZ website, you will find all necessary information on the page Documentation, below My Measurement, such as an information brochure including the research protocol and a timetable as well as example letters.

Entering questionnaires

If you require several accounts to enter questionnaires at the same time, log on the LPZ website as an ID-owner and use the form on the page Users below My measurement to create extra accounts (up to 100) for extra data importers.

On the page My questionnaires the only questionnaires visible, are the ones that have been entered using this specific account (log on data). Every user only has access to the questionnaires he or she has entered.

Only the ID-responsible has access to all entered data. As an ID-responsible you can use your colleagues’ account by clicking on a user-ID on the page Users.

This enables you to have a look at, or change, questionnaires that have been entered with that specific account.

Client questionnaires can always be opened and changed. To save changes in questionnaires, always click on Validate and complete.

On the page Enter data all entered client questionnaires can be found at Client-specific information. By clicking on the icons behind a questionnaire, you can delete or change a client questionnaire. Deleting a questionnaire cannot be undone!

There are two possible causes:

  • The ID-responsible has completed and closed the measurement. Contact your ID-responsible. He or she is able to reopen the measurement, which enables you to add new client questionnaires.
  • The deadline for entering questionnaires has passed. Contact for the date of the deadline.

When logged in as an ID-responsible, you can add, edit or delete departments for your location (ID). To add a department, you need to choose a department code of 8 numbers and/or letters. You can also add the name of the department. The department code is used to compare results of different measurements. Comparing results on ward level is only possible if the department has the same department code in different measurements. Therefore, the website will save your department list between measurements. Note that changing department codes has consequences for comparing results of different measurements on ward level.

You can only fill in department questionnaires for departments that are listed on this page. Be careful with changing or deleting departments within a measurement. Departments must be added, changed or deleted before you start filling in measurement data.


The institutional and national results of a measurement can be found in the dashboard (top right on the menu bar). On the page Dashboard a separate manual for more detailed information about the dashboard is available.

Results of measurements until April 2016 can be downloaded by the ID-responsible, menu My measurement, page Results.

Logged in as a coordinator, you are able to download the Excel or SPSS file with all the raw data per measurement, menu My measurement, page Results.

As a coordinator or ID-responsible, you can share the results in the dashboard with your co-workers. This person will have access to all results in the dashboard available to you.

To add users for access to your dashboard, click on My institution, Dashboard accounts. Fill in name and mail address of the person you want to give access to the dashboard. This person will then receive an e-mail with a link to create a password. This link is valid for 24 hours. If not activated within 24 hours, a new e-mail and link can be sent by the coordinator or ID-responsible: reset the account by clicking on the yellow button, and a new email will be sent automatically.

Alternatively, the new user of the dashboard account can click on Forgot your password in the upper right corner of the website.

The definitions and calculations that are used to create the indicators in the dashboard, can be found in the Dashboard manual. You can download this manual from the Dashboard page.


If you have any technology-related questions about this website or the LPZ data entry program, please contact Flycatcher’s helpdesk via or 00-31 43 3262992 (during office hours).

If you have any questions about the LPZ project please contact (during office hours): .

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