Any cancellation of the registration must be made in writing.
If you cancel your registration for the measurement scheduled for 8 November 2016 the following charges will be made:

  • Cancellation before 8 August 2016: full refund/crediting of the invoice sum.
  • Cancellation from 8 August onwards and before 5 September 2016: 75% refund/crediting of the invoice sum.
  • Cancellation from 5 September onwards and before 26 September 2016: 50% refund/crediting of the invoice sum.
  • Cancellation from 26 September 2016 onwards: no refund/crediting of the invoice sum.

Terms and conditions

The registration is valid once your registration has been received by the LPZ.
Following registration, the LPZ undertakes to:

  • coordinate the prevalence measurements during the period to which the payment applies
  • supply all materials and instructions required for these measurements
  • supply the institution-related data in a report
  • supply the national comparative materials relating to the measurement

Following registration, the institution undertakes to:

  • carry out the measurement in accordance with the LPZ guidelines
  • enter the data online within six weeks of the measurement being carried out
  • pay the invoice within the stated term of payment
  • ensure Internet access to enable input of the data compiled in the measurement
  • supply a specific email address for the coordinator
  • inform the LPZ in a timely manner of any changes in the institution details (address, email address etc.)


All data will be processed anonymously. Each institution is assigned a unique ID number for each location. This ID number is used in the correspondence.
Privacy regulations have been formulated to protect personal and institutional data. Click here for these regulations. They are also included in the information booklet that is available for download by participants in the measurement.

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